Core Values

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Win-Win-Win Mindset

Life isn't a zero sum game and races to the bottom are designed to create losers. I like to work with and create winners by building win-win-win situations. Consumers should get great content and products. Companies should meet their business objectives. The world should be better because of how we do business. I approach problems with the intention to engineer solutions that help everyone come out a winner and projects with the intention to set all parties up for success.

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Project Management Starts with People Management

Understanding and managing other people's abilities, personalities, responsibilities, and work styles are pivotal to my approach to teamwork. Project management is grounded in a strong working understanding of each teammate’s role as well as their work and communication styles in order to keep all teams aligned even when under pressure. Working around and through diverse needs and work styles, mediating discussions between parties who can't get on the same page, and managing expectations are critical skills that I bring to the table.

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Joy and Gratitude are Powerful Resources

I aim to lighten and brighten every workplace I become a part of. Joy and gratitude are powerful resources and I work to put them to good use. Celebrating successes, laughing and learning through setbacks, and communicating gratitude to those I work with are core tenets of my work style. When we work happier, we work better. Making hard days easier and good days better is how I operate.