Harper is an extremely bright and innovative professional with a sharp perspective on what works for brands. Working with Harper on custom marketing campaigns was exciting and I was always left in awe of how fresh and on target her ideas were. She is very articulate and knows how to strategically craft campaigns that will reach a client’s key performance goals. Her up-to-the-minute knowledge of millennial social and consumer behavior enabled our team to stay on top of current trends and rise above the competition. Harper was an integral part of my team, elevating our quality of work and I know that she will continue to do great things in the future.
— Giovanni Alvarez, Account Management at Remezcla
Harper provides that perfect balance of right and left-brain function: she is chock-full of creative ideas and has done the research to validate their effectiveness. Harper stays up to date on the newest advertising and platform trends and is happy to present her findings to the team to explore new avenues. Aside from being incredibly smart and focused, Harper is simply fun to work with. In my time working with her she provided a lot of laughter, which made our collaborations all the more enjoyable. Harper is a great asset to any creative team.
— Cathryn Walker, Sales Marketing at Disney
Harper is exactly the kind of collaborative colleague you dream of having. Always positive and bursting with creativity, Harper also has her finger on the pulse across the digital landscape and latest trends. Several times while working on projects together, Harper would have the exact insight needed to shape a strategic and thoughtful campaign. Multi-talented and full of humor, I highly recommend Harper and am eager to see what she accomplishes next.
— Katy Boungard, Branded Entertainment at Disney
Harper is quite diligent. She works well with legal and other compliance stakeholders to set projects up for success. For example, she is always sure to flag any potential compliance or execution issues early in the pre-sales process. This saves so many teams from future headaches. Harper has a collaborative spirit and a sunny disposition. Her holiday card is also fantastic.
— Yemi Adegbonmire, Legal at Disney
I have the distinct pleasure of being Harper’s first manager post college. She is hard-working, dedicated, open to taking on new challenges, and always demonstrates a willingness to help others. With her upbeat, positive, can-do attitude and wicked smarts, she takes on tasks that she may be unfamiliar with, while always delivering above standard work that her sellers and colleagues learn from and appreciate. In the office we say “Harper knows all” and while she may not “know all” given her youth, she certainly has a well-educated point of view on many subject matters including the media industry, millennial culture, history, current events, etc.….ask Harper and she has an answer! I know I learn from Harper every day! She is also a master storyteller with an incredible knack for bringing strategic/creative themes to life in a compelling way, which makes her a highly sought after team member for advertiser RFP projects. She is refreshingly optimistic, cheerful, witty, a joy to collaborate with and would be an incredible asset to any company.
— Jacqueline Verdecia, Sales Development at Disney