Business storyteller for the storytelling business.

I help entertainment and lifestyle companies turn content into dollars.


About me

I am a Brooklyn-based integrated marketing professional and branded content strategist. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike to develop and package original and branded content. With a degree in Psychology and Marketing from William & Mary, I believe in people-centered project management and the power of storytelling. 

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Marketing & Sales Dev

I develop exciting sales packages and marketing plans. I love creative problem solving for complex client needs and building comprehensive, inspired strategies.


Leveraging my background in Psychology, I keep cross-functional teams aligned, motivated, and on track to deliver outstanding deliverables with minimal friction.


Let me tell your story in ways that delight consumers, communicate complicated ideas, and inspire action and conversion. From web pages to sales presentations to email campaigns and more, I write compelling copy.



Still curious? Want to know about how I work with others, from those others? You're in luck, because I asked them about working with me.

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